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Send me your 'wants list' for future international and UK shows or for my fossil collecting trips in Britain:

If you are a fieldwork collector and have surplus trilobites or other Palaeozoic fossils for sale or trade, please get in touch. I buy whole collections too!

New high quality, value for money Kiechiosaurs and new Ordovician and Cambrian trilobites now available from China and Devonian armoured fish from Ukraine!

Welcome to Ace Fossils

Although I sell a very wide range of fossils from Pre- Cambrian to Pleistocene age,  I specialize in trilobites from all over the globe and in particular, British species. 

I collect regularly in the UK, with more than forty five years of fieldwork experience and probably the best working knowledge of British trilobite localities. I have a doctorate and a masters degree in trilobite taxonomy and British Palaeozoic stratigraphy and an Open University degree in Natural Sciences.

If you are an amateur collector, a more serious scientific collector, or an agent for an educational organization ( e.g College, University or Museum), I can supply materials to suit your needs! I also buy whole collections and trade materials too. Visits are welcome,by appointment only.

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